Mr. North Texas becomes Shoes That Fit (Non-Profit) Sponsor for Prosper ISD.

Shoes That Fit tackles one of the most visible signs of poverty by giving kids in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy!

What began as the vision of one person, Elodie (Silva) McGuirk, has turned into the largest national organization of its kind.

Today, Shoes That Fit helps children in thousands of schools across America. Over 2.3 million pairs of new shoes and other necessities have been raised and distributed…and they’re not done.

Accepting no government funding and with over 90% of contributions going directly to school children through an impressive network of volunteer-run local grassroots chapters, Shoes That Fit is uniquely efficient and effective in its life-changing operations.

Most importantly, Shoes That Fit helps kids improve their self-esteem and participation at school by eliminating one of poverty’s most visible and debilitating marks.

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